Alien Production Timeline December 1978

Friday 1st December, 1978. 
Filming inserts.
Int. Mess for scene no 174pt,
Int. Computer room for scene no, 13, 174pts.
Int. Infirmary for scene no, 97a.
Other actors would be used to fill in for Ripley Dallas and Ash. Props would include Ash's probe and special effects would include the facehugger. Art department would supply the moviola and the relevant film for matching. Catering would be trolleys  on stage for 30 people.

Call sheet: 10, typed out by assistant director Raymond Becket
Monday 4th December, 1978

Fox executives come to see the director's first cut

Tuesday, 5th December, 1978. 
Beginning at 8.30am,

Interior of bridge scene 16pt & 46pt, interior of engine room scene number 17Apt and interior of Narcissus scene 96pt and 175pt, and these shots would requiring 16mm plates for models)

Liz Mitchel, Andrew Scott, Alan Gibbs and Bob Hooker doubled as Ripley, Parker, Brett and Kane, respectively, they had to be in the studio by 9.30am
A moviola was used for matching on stage, and catering for 30 people was provided
Filming of inserts.
Bridge scene for the Nostromo,
Engine room scene and the Narcissus scene

Call sheet: 12, typed out by assistant director Raymond Becket

Friday 8th December, 1978
Filming of the interior of the maintenance pump room,

Scene number 186Apt to be completed.

This would have been the scene where the alien attacks Lambert and Parker and kills Parker. The Alien would be shot, but on the previous day, they didn't have a name for the performer. Set pieces had not been discussed before hand, but a rig for the alien would be employed. (Was this the shot where a rig with the alien tongue is used to make a hole in a prosthetic head for Parker?   

Completion of inset shooting

(See Death of Parker: Nick Allder's brain busting rig))

Call sheet: 15, typed out by assistant director Raymond Becket

Monday, 11th December 1978
Preparation of titles

Wednesday 13th December 1978
Music Spotting Session with J Goldsmith and L Newman

Monday 18th December 1978
"Meaurements on fixer reels - to Composer"

Friday 22nd December 1978
"Labs open"

Thursday , 28th December 1978
Another revised final draft is completed, as documented in Alien: The Illustrated Screenplay by Paul M Sammon

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