Sylvain Despretz' Skullship concept art for the unmade Superman Lives

a) The Skullship
Sylvain Despretz designed this enigmatic version of the Skullship for Tim Burton's unmade Superman Lives in 1997. 

It contains elements of machinery and the a crumbling skull face, with a window in place of an eye.

It would have been a spaceship for the character Braniac to travel around in.

Sylvain Despretz' Skullship
Sylvain Despretz' Skullship (fuller image)

b) Skullship references Giger's Derelict?
On September 29th 2016, I suddenly realised that the skull face Sylvain Despretz's skullship concept for the unmade 1997 "Superman Lives" echoes the structure of the arm from this painting of Giger's the derelict ship. 

The upper triangular part of the end of the arm becomes the nasal cavity on the skull. The main trunk becomes the upper and lower teeth although Sylvain would have made it much more rounded. 

On the upper part of the top fin on the tip of the arm, there's an oval shape and the outer rim of this, Sylvain has turned into a fractured sort of a bar where there would have been a left eye socket. 

The horizontal pipes extending from the end of the arm to the right become transformed into a wide eye socket.
  Giger's derelict painting (Work 374: Wreck)

c) References Salvador Dali's Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing A Piano"?
On the 14th of February, 2017, I suddenly start making  connection between the Skull Ship and Salvador Dali's "Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing A Piano" painted in 1934, which is a painting that looks as if it roughly references the Papyrus of Ani's Henu Barque, because of the stretched eye socked on the right and the expanded left eye socket

Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Piano
(1934) by Salvador Dali
Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Piano
(1934) by Salvador Dali (detail)

d.i) References the Mondoshawan design from Fifth Element?
Making the Henu Barque/Mondoshawan connection on Monday 7th of May 2017, I see the images of this creature next to the Skullship designed the same year as the release of Fifth Element and I make another connection.

See: Mondoshawan from The Fifth Element (1997)

Sylvain Despretz' Skullship and the Mondoshawan upside down
d.ii) The Mondoshawan shown upside down for comparison because the light on its groin seems to have become the eye window, and the arm has become the sets of teeth, with the eye like oval on the shoulder in near enough the corresponding place with the shoulder spikes becoming the chin spikes.

Having said this Sylvain may well have been looking at this design from different angles as well.

The Skullship's eye socket window and the upsidedown Mondoshawan's groinlight

Skullship's jaw and the upside down Mondoshawan's arms and shoulders

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