The design of the Mondoshawan from "The Fifth Element" references the Papyrus if Ani's Henu-Barque?

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The Sokar Funerary Barque in Scifi, Adventure and Horror
The Fifth Element

The Mondoshawan from The Fifth Element
a) Jacques Rey would create the final concept design for the Mondoshowan for the 1997 film "The Fifth Element". It shows signs of referencing the Henu Barque from the Papyrus of Ani, with the small head of this entity based on the antelope/oryx head?

b) The bottom of collar would be loosely based on the frill around the falcon head at the top of the frame with pillars and the row of vertical lines along the belly would be loosely based on the row of line at the going across the upper part of the pillars.

c) Having said that, it does look as if the small animal head on the fan has been interpreted as ribcage and then the horns might become the curve leading over the top of the body on the back, and it doesn't really take much thought to have a vertical ribbing effect across the belly area, but still it fits with the vertical lines along the upper half of the three pillars..

(See: Henu Bark in the Papyrus of Ani )

d) Meanwhile the fan going down behind the antelope had becomes the arm of the Mondoshawan, with the small bull horns being the position of an eye like oval, and so the patterns on the lower arms instead of being horizontal strips are turned into vertical strips. Meanwhile the curve of the antelope horns dictate the curve shape of the shoulders going across.

e) Perhaps the white light at the groin might be based on the presence of the pale pillow like forms.

f) Later, in the year of Fifth Elements release in 1977, Sylvain Despretz would create an enigmatic concept design for the skull ship for the unmade Superman Lives that appeared to reference the Mondoshawan amongst other things.

Sheridan (Mondoshawan) by Jacques Rey

(See: Sylvain Despretz' Skullship concept art for the unmade Superman Lives


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