Prometheus Creature Designs

leading from

1) The Hammerpede
1) introducing the Hammerpede  2) The facehugger centipede

2) Babyhead
 1) Carlos Huante's Babyhead 
2)Origins of Carlos Huante's Babyhead 
3) HR Giger's Babyhead 
4) Neville Page's Babyhead (still to come)
5) Ridleygrams of Beluga Head

3) Fifield Monster
1)The Fifield Monster, 2) Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monster,  
3) H. R. Giger's Fifield Monster, 4) Alternate Fifield mutant, 
5) The final mutant Fifield, 

4) The Trilobyte
Chihuly - Chihulien - Chihulybite

5) The Ultramorph
Carlos Huante's Ultramorph

6) Giger's Alien Beast 

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