H R Giger's art.

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HR Giger with his Alien 3 beast. (source: http://fantasticvisions.net/)
a) Giger's biomechanoid world. (still in development)

b) Artworks
  1. Babyhead (23rd February, 2011) 
  2. Fifield Monster  (22nd February, 2011)
  3. Alien Beast for Prometheus (16th February, 2011) 
  4. Xenoerotica drawings (2005) 
  5. Unused dragon sketch for "Reign of fire" (2000)
  6. The Windowlickers I, II & III (1999) (Homage to Chris Cunningham video)Aquatic Super Facehugger (1990) 
  7. Bambi-burster  (1990)
  8. Alien 3 beast (1990)
  9. Pump Excursion (work 610 (1988)), (Die Wittwe des Rennfahrers work 612 (1988) 620 & 620b (1989) (Gun played as musical instrument as if by an American-Indian)
  10. The Net II (work 607( 1988) (References "Coping with Cuts" Radio Times illustration from
  11. Biomechanical landscape I (work 597) (1987) (Kokopelli playing a flute in a drowned world where there was a dog that ran for president)
  12. The Net I (work 591) (References "Coping with Cuts" Radio Times illustration from
  13. Untitled drawing (1985) 
  14. Biomechanical Landscape I (work 583) (1984 -1986)  (Fire Engine Scene from The Eternals #16 and Giedi Prime from David Lynch's Dune)
  15. Trumpets of Jericho (work 561) (Tomita's Kosmos album cover
  16. Giger's Alien Heads (work 509) (1983) (Villemot's Perrier... C'est Fous 1979)
  17. Anima Mia (work 487) (1980/81 )  (Swans Reflecting Elephants of Celebes amongst Guernican debris of an automobile giving birth to a blind horse biting a telephone)
  18. N.Y. City XVII Crowley (1981) (work 467) (Phallic buildings turning into Darth Vader merged with Nommo pretroglyph)
  19. N.Y. City XVI  (1981) (work 476) (Homage to Jackson Pollock's "Pasiphae')
  20. Biomechanic Mia (Egyptian Style) (1980) (work 444) (Lemurian train bomb from Jack Kirby's The Eternals #16 , July 1977 )
  21. Debbie II (1981) (work 472b) (Queen of Akku-Akku-Punk-Ture!)
  22. Debbie (1981) (work 470b) (Queen of Akku-Akku-Punk-Ture!)
  23. New York City XIV Factory (1981) (work 464) (Ballard photo collage from Radio Times for Harley Cokeliss' Crash)
  24. Biomechanical landscape (sack) (1980) (work 434) (Tomita's Firebird album cover and merged with illustration for Bellamy Down Under in Radio Times)
  25. ZDF (1980) (work 433) (Pakal Votan Tomb lid explorations merged with Tomita's Bolero 12" cover)
  26. Biomechanic Metempsychosis (1080) (work 431) (Radio Times cover for Doomwatch featuring half melted plastic aircraft in a box
  27. Erotomechanics VII (work 422)(1979) (Bedroom practices with alien head in the manner of Pakal Votan Tomb lid framed by Dali's Portrait of Portrait of the Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles
  28. Biomechanical Landscape III "Trains" (work 419) (1979) (Trains merged with villages of the Hindu Kush ) 
  29. Ugly (work 415) (1979) (The Celestial's giant spacecraft from The Eternals #2 )
  30. Biomechanical Landscape (work 413) (1979) (Lovecraftian monstrosities in the form of Sea horses, masks, perhaps people sneezing  following the interlinking structure of Jackson Pollock's "mural", Sea horses, masks, perhaps people sneezing)
  31. Demon (work 413) (1978) (William Hieronyeamus Ereborsch (Mount Erebor +William Onyeabor + Hieronymus Bosch)+ Oni + Heikegani Crab + Arnold Böcklin's Die Toteninsel III The Big Top)
  32. Vlad Tepes (work 412) (1978) (Wifredo Lam's Femme (1957) merged Steiner-Prag illustration from The Golem and Pluto the dog turned into something inspired by Dracula movie)
  33. Landscape (work 404) (1978) (Cyclops triskellion German and British album covers for Tomita's Snowflakes Are Dancing, decorated with spikes from German WW1 military helmet)
  34. Alien Monster IV  (work 408 )(1978) (Treasures of Galaxatanic Lemurian train bomb-Ballardalien-Balrog armed with serpentine zigzag tongue of fire and flailing daddy longlegs of the evening -hope at an exhibition)
  35. Alien Monster III (work 409) (1978) (Painting from"The Creeping Flesh" appears to reference Max Von Moos' "Devil's Kitchen (or Stalingrad)",  and elements from both merged with the Tomita "Bermuda Triangle" album)
  36. Space Trip 2 (work 403) (1978) (Looney Tunes Tasmanian devil whirl tunnel for a train set)
  37. Space Trip I (work 402) (1978) (Star Wars poster with Darth Vader head with eye lens bearing an eight configuration.)
  38. Life Cycle Hieroglyphics  (work 384) (1978) (Nut the sky goddess and Ron Cobb's Alien Temple artwork mrgd with the album cover for  William Onyeabor's "Crashes in Love")
  39. The Space Jockey ( Pilot in cockpit) (work 380)1978) (Henu Barque meets Moebius' Arzac's bird and Dali's Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope, with echoes of sculpture of giant pilot in space capsule from The Eternals)
  40. The Derelict Ship exterior (work 374) (1978) (Was-Sceptre at the V&A merged with a barge of a million years by way of a sea lion with stingray gills)
  41. The Alien Egg (work (1978) ( See also: The Alien spore: loose representation of Lovecraft's The Old Ones/Elder Ones from At The Mountains of Madness)
  42. Alien stage I Facehugger version IV (1978) (See also: Delville's Influence on The Face Hugger )
  43. Egg Silo Exterior (work 378) (1978) 
  44. Alien stage III version 4 ( no work number) (1978)
  45. Alien stage III version 3 (work 372 & 373) (1978) (Alien design by way of inner brain parts)
  46. Alien stage III version 2 (work 370 & 371) (1978 ) (Alien by way of Jack Kirby's The Terrible Totem)
  47. Alien stage III version 1 (work 369) (1978) (Alien design by way of Wifredo Lam's Femme-Cheval)
  48. Alien I Facehugger version IV (work 379) (1978)
  49. Alien I Facehugger version II (work 365) (1977) 
  50. Alien I Facehugger version I (work 364) (1977)
  51. Illuminatus II (work 359) (1978) (Illuminatus trilogy via album cover of Tomita's planets)
  52. Illuminatus I (work 358) (1978) (Illuminatus trilogy)
  53. Biomechanic landscape (work 356) (1977) (Buried impression of a Saxophone)
  54. Stillbirth Machine III (1977) (work 355) (1977) (Fuchs' "Samson finds the carcass of the lion")
  55. Homage to Bocklin (work 350)(1977) (Boecklin's Island of the dead) 
  56. Mirror Image (work 344) (1977) (Robert Venosa's Enlightenment)
  57. Witches Dance (work 341)  (1977) (Max Ernst's Robing of the Bride dancing around Marcel Duchamp's Fountain merged with Otto Dix's The Skat Players)
  58. The Spell IV (work 331) (1977) (Lang's Metropolis and Melies' 20,000 Leagues under the sea)
  59. Space I (work 328) (1976) ( Fisher Price Airport and Jet Plane merged with UFO Sky Diver connected with submarine and whales)
  60. Necronom IX (work318)  (1976) ( Exorcist's Pazuzu head meets The Fly and  Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!")
  61. Necronom VIII (work 317) (1976) ("Sleep" meets Olmec "Man In Serpent" )
  62. Necronom VII (work 316) (1976)  (Viking helmet becomes the Ice Warrior from Doctor Who)
  63. Stillbirth Machine (work 313) (1976) (Ernst Fuchs' Observatorium)
  64. Necronom VI (work 306) (1976) (Baron Harkonnen with leaf blower connected to groin)
  65. Necronom V (work 304) (1976) ( Pakal Votan's female representative carrying a Maoi Kava-Kava waiters friend in a papoose carrier,  flying a rocketship that transforms into a family camper torn apart by a premonition Spanish Civil War offers proof to ancient alien enthusiasts that extra-terrestrial visited Earth thousands of years ago)
  66. Necronom IV  (work303) (1976) (Steiner-Prag's Golem meets the Wadjet by way of Fuchs "Angel of death"and Mickey Mouse etc)
  67. Necronom III and Necronom IIIa (work 302 and 302a) (1976) (Suicidal donaldaffy duckopelli in the eye of Leflyathan diving Celebellephancaster bomber gun turret)
  68. Necronom II (work 301) (1976) (The Watchers of Cirith Ungol, Egyptian god Khepri and Mickey Mouse)
  69. Necronom I (work 300) (1976) (Ernst Fuchs "Vision" 1953)
  70. The Spell III (work 320) (1976) (Takeda Shingen's head dress) 
  71. Biomechanic Landscape IIa (work 319) (1976) (Artwork for Meyrink's The Golem)
  72. Biomechanical Landscape (work 312) (1976) (West Australian cave art featuring abstract human figures in ritual dance and Ernst Fuchs Triumph of the Unicorn)
  73. Biomechanic Landscape II (work 298a) (1976) (Oscar Wilde?/Motorbike?/Fuseli's Nightmare)
  74. Biomechanic Landscape I (work 297) (1976) (Holbein's Henry VIII, a cigar guillotine and The Nativity by Guido da Siena, 1270s)
  75. Mordor XII (work 296) (1976) (Flu and steam inhaler (?))
  76. Samurai (work 295) (1976)  (Sommelier Knife) 
  77. Landscape XXXII (work 288) (1975/76) (Willy Pogany's illustration from The Song Celestial (Bhagavad Gita))
  78. Mordor VII (work 283) (1975) (Steiner Prag's "At the Master's Grave" for Gustave Meyrink's The Golem dressed in biomechanised impressions of Gleeson's The Sower that references the same illustration, wearing a night cap as a sleeping moon echoing the Fisher Price Teaching Clock
  79. Mordor VI (work 282) (1975) (Nommo manifestations through squid like sea-monks turning into a woman's dress  and sea-bishop that's dried out Sting-Ray trimmed to a roughly humanoid form, turning into Kubin's The Brood who penetrates the woman's behind with a black sausage doubling as a pneumatic tube capsule )
  80. Mordor V (work 281) (1975) (Nommo from sirius with catfish like head disguised as a japanese dumpling, imbedded in the Clock house that transforms into sausages , a sea serpent slain by Perseus as the mermaids purse yolk transforms Nommo disguised as an Andromedan buttock face puffer fish moonhopper haggis blowing like the north wind.)
  81. Mordor IV (work 280) (1975) (Fisher Price Teacher Clock merges with the Enigma of William TellLead singer of Jethro Tull as a spectral moon playing an aqualung that's neither a Manitou, a Manatee or Manta Ray but a sea lion with sting ray gills and mouth, !) 
  82. Mordor III (work 279) (1975) (Spectre of H P Lovecraft or even Beardsley or both?) 
  83. Mordor II (work 278) (1975) (Hans Bellmer doll merged with statuette of a seated Cthulhu held in hands and the cover of the short story collection "The Inner Landscape" featuring J G Ballard as one of the authors)
  84. Lord of the Rings II (work 270) (1975) (Max Ernst's Eye of Silence by way of J G Ballard's The Crystal World)
  85. Swiss Made Extra-Terrestrial suit (1968) (Giger's "woman with child" transformed into something than a cyberman from Doctor Who.)
  86. Crowley (The Beast 666) (work 274) (1975) (Ideas from Crowley's Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden, etc.)
  87. Landscape XXXI (work 273) (1975)
  88. Passage Temple Way of the Magician (work 264) (1975) (Page from Jack Kirby's comic book story "The Demon" showing huge idol)
  89. Passage Temple Death (work 263) (1975) (Page from Jack Kirby's comic book story "The Demon" showing huge idol)
  90. Passage Temple Entrance (work 262) (1975) (Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre)   
  91. Passage Temple Life  (work 261) (1975) ( Jason Blood's artifact collection from
    "The Demon" #8, April 1973
  92. National Park (1975) (Uterine explorations by way of Jean Cocteau's "Reveries of Opium" 1938 (which was inspired by Dali-s The Great Masturbator (1928) Fuchs "Triumph of the Sphinx" and Dado's Tribute to Cazotte)
  93. Biomechanoid III, (work 255) (1974) (Inhaling the odour of Tah-Di-Isis)  
  94. Giger's Landscape XXVII (work 247) (Variations on the illustration by Lawrence Ratzkin for J G Ballard's Crash
  95. The Spell II (work 238) (1974) (Wifredo Lam's Les Noces, Relic from Jack Kirby's The Demon, Mad magazine fold-in, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and Virgin record label)
  96. The Spell I (work 237) (1973-1974) (Monolithic vessel inspired by the Cristo Redentor of Rio De Janeiro with echoes of "Jesus Christ Superstar" merged with Egyptian dwarf god Bes journeys into the stargate)
  97. Friedrich Kuhn II (1973) (work 221)
  98. Friedrich Kuhn I (1973) (work 220)
  99. Landscape XX (1973) (work 219) (Pizza)
  100. Landscape XIX (1973) (work 216)
  101. Landscape XVIII (1973) (work 214)   (Pizza)
  102. Aleph (1972-1973) (work 210) (Doctor Who and The Curse of Peladon with an air of "The wind from nowhere")
  103. Landscape XVI (1972) (work 209) (Orgy transforming into Cyberman by way of a bitches brew)
  104. Landscape XV (1972-1973) (work 208) (Pasta)
  105. Landscape XIV (1972-1973) (work 297)
  106. Landscape X (1972) (work 203) (Military service shooting practice and Gaia)
  107. Assuan (1972) (work 181) (Picasso's Guernica by way of Day of Judgement and Picasso's Guernica and Nourlangie rock art in Kakadu in Australia (1937))
  108. Felt Pen Drawing (1971) (work 147) (biomechanised Cuban doomsday weapon from Our Man In Havana)
  109. Passages I-IX (1970 approx, works 112-113, 116-120, 145) (Dreams of being trapped in a room)
  110. Giger's Homage To S.Beckett (work 93) (1968) (abstracted Dali's The Great Masturbator)
  111. Die Atom Kinder (work 69) (1967-1968) (Cold War feelings turn into Cyberpunk)
d) Works as series
  1. Necronom series 
  2. Mordor series
  3. The Spell i, ii, iii & iv 
  4. Passages I-IX
e) Discussion about Giger's work
  1. Author and radio presenter Richard Hoagland chats about Alien and HR Giger on his show "The Other Side Of Midnight"
e) Dreams
  1. Ernst Fuchs type Demon
  2. Shaft Dreams
  3. Passages Nightmares 
f) Influences and people referenced
  1. Gerry Anderson (TV and film producer, director and writer)
  2. JG Ballard (writer)
  3. Salvador Dali (Surrealist artist)
  4. Jean Delville (Symbolist artist) 
  5. Walt Disney (American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer)
  6. Otto Dix (German painter amd printmaker)
  7. Max Ernst (Surrealist artist)
  8. Frank Frazetta (Science fiction and fantasy artist.)
  9. Ernst Fuchs (Artist who co-founded the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism)
  10. James Gleeson ( Australian Surrealist)
  11. Jack Kirby (comic book writer/illustrator)
  12. Mati Klarwein (Painter)
  13. Wifredo Lam (Surrealist and cubist painter)
  14. Max Von Moos  (Painter)
  15. Gustave Moreau (Symbolist) 
  16. William Onyeabor (Synth-Funk pioneer) 
  17. Hugo Steiner-Prag's drawings for Meyrink's The Golem (Illustrator)
  18. Isao Tomita (Japanese music composer)
  19. Bernard Villemot  (French poster artist)
  20. Ling Chi execution photos 
  21. Giger Lexicon (still in development)
  22. H. R. Giger and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century by Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D. (http://www.primal-page.com/grofgige.htm 
  23. Grof on Giger: The Transpersonal Nature of Art, Inspiration, and Creativity (Part 1 of 2) 
  24. Grof on Giger: The Transpersonal Nature of Art, Inspiration, and Creativity (Part 2 of 2)
  25. Military service and School memories,  
  26. Out of body experiences 
  27. Ancient Egyptian mysteries
  28. Petroglyphs
  29. Tale of the Scarecrow 
  30. Brothers Grimm's "The Story of a Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear"
  31. Saint Stephen's Catacombs
  32. The architecture of Cambodia
  33. Giger inspired by mother's hospitalisation and metal hip plates
  34. People's treatment of animals
  35. Cocteau's Beauty And The Beast 
  36. Hieronymous Bosch 
  37. Micronaut toys 
  38. Fisher Price toys
  39. The TV series Doctor Who
  40. Radio Times images 
  41. Giger's use of opium  
g) Studio environments
  1. H R Giger's work studio during Alien at Shepperton Studios, 1978 
  2. H R Giger's work studio in the corner of a film studio at Shepperton, 1978 
  3. H R Giger's studio moved into the hut in the car park, 1978
  4. H R Giger's studio moved to the Art Department, 1978
h) Record covers... etc
  1. Dead Kennedys' Frankenchrist and Giger's Penis Landscape
i) Echoes of Giger
  1. Virus (2016) film poster references Giger's ELP XII?
  2. Cronenberg's Mugwump from Naked Lunch

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