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21st March 2017
1) Added a page for Planet Of The Vampires to link up various pages with articles about it.

19th March 2017
1) Added: HR Giger's Demon (work 413) and The Big Top?
2) Added: Giger's Demon (work 413) references Tolkien's book cover for The Hobbit?

15th March 2017
1) Added: HR Giger's Biomechanical Landscape III "Trains" (work 418) (1979) references Radio Times 13th-19th March 1976 cover advertising "The Last Kingdom of the Kush"?

11th March 2017
1) I am asking still about what is at the core of the Necronom VII painting. Perhaps the protrusion coming from the back of the neck of the entity and going down the back of the should looks like an insect leg, perhaps the ear replaces the humanoid head with its face fused into something, perhaps the eye is a window to look through, but I'm really finding nothing at the moment. I am still waiting to understand the other side of this painting. There is the ram horn running along the upper half of the head, but is there something more to this. I start to wonder if there's another Micronaut to consider, perhaps the Space Glider because that has a helmet with a ridge on top of it, but nothing is jumping up and stating itself in an obvious way. Equally I'm still asking about Necronom VI. I'm still looking to see if there is anything more within this painting that might be the core. The shadowy area on the left, I might start to think reminds me of a dog face. Perhaps this elongated twisted formation with the stunted demons has something angelic about it. I might be thinking of the chain of angels from Dorothea Tanning's Guardian Angels, although this is not really connected to this painting. This has been a difficult one to dig into the depths of as well.
2) Updated Carl Sagan and Alien with a new quote from a Q&A

10th March 2017
I'm presently confused about all of this argy bargy in the various Alien Covenant interviews

9th March 2017
1) Added: Giger's "New York City XIV Factory" references Radio Times illustration for Harley Cokeliss' Crash Documentary

8th March 2017
1) Added: Giger's "The Net I" & "Net II" references Peter Till's Radio Times illustration for 'Coping With Cuts' article?
2) Added: Giger's Biomechanical Landscape I (work 597) also references Lesley Buckingham's "The Dog Who Ran For President" illustration from The Radio Times in 1997?  

5th March 2017
1) Added  Prometheus by way of Tintin, Thunderbirds and Quatermass And The Pit.

4th March 2017
1) Took parts from "Modern works Inspired by the Henu Barque?" and pasted them onto a new page
"The Sokar Funerary Barque in sci-fi and horror"
2) Added: Alien: Micronauts Hydra referenced in Space Jockey?
3) Added: Alien: Nostromo references Micronauts Thorium Orbiter?

3rd March 2017
1) Added: Egyptian mysteries and Quatermass And the Pit

2nd March 2017
1) Added: Paul Klee's Forest Witches to HR Giger's Witches Dance (1977)

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